How Kalki Koechlin lost her luggage en route to France for shoot of ‘Her Song’

Mumbai: Actress Kalki Koechlin, who has started shooting for her next project, ‘Her Song’, lost her luggage while en route to the shoot location in France.

A source close to the actress told IANS that for the first three days of filming, Kalki had to rely on the kindness of her co-actor, Elea Clair, as she borrowed her clothes to get by.

The situation was made even more difficult by the weather.

During those initial days, the temperature was a chilly 10 degrees Celsius, and Kalki didn’t have any of her warm clothes. When her luggage finally arrived, the weather underwent a complete shift, soaring to a sunny 30 degrees Celsius, rendering her warm clothes entirely useless.

This is not the first time the actress has found herself in such a predicament — losing luggage seems to be a recurrent issue during her travels.

Despite these laughable setbacks, Kalki kept her spirits high and her sense of humour intact.

In ‘Her Song’, Kalki will be seen playing Olivia, a witty American-French writer. With her trademark charm and wit, Kalki is set to bring Olivia to life in a way that only she can.


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