Kartik Pandian Campaigns in Kendrapara Lok Sabha Constituency, Responds to PM Modi’s Questions 

Bhubaneswar: Senior BJD leader Kartik Pandian on Monday campaigned in Kendrapara Lok Sabha constituency seeking support for the party candidates in the elections.

Addressing a massive public meeting in Salipur, the senior BJD leader responded to the questions posed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking about the farmer’s MSP issue, Pandian said that Honorable Prime Minister is saying that farmers are getting MSP of Rs 2300, but they should get Rs 3100. MSP is the responsibility of the central government. It does not come under the jurisdiction of the state government. But the Prime Minister himself is saying that it should be Rs 3100, what does this mean? The Prime Minister could have given it in one minute if he wanted, the BJD leader said.

“Our Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has always demanded that MSP should be enhanced, but the Center never listens to it”, he said.


The Prime Minister said that the BJD government is working slowly. If the Prime Minister takes a drive from Cuttack to Sambalpur, he can access the efficiency of his government. It has been 10 years and the work has not been done. What is the speed of the double engine, asked the BJD star campaigner?

The Prime Minister said that the Naveen Patnaik government is not transparent. It’s laughable. The whole world knows about the Naveen Patnaik’s transparency. Prime Minister himself praised Naveen Patnaik in both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha and said if a Chief Minister works with transparency, the State will excel. Honorable Prime Minister is making these remarks only for elections, Pandian said.

The Chief Minister considers the people of Odisha as family members. He has not come for politics or power, he has come to serve the people, the senior BJD leader further said.

The Chief Minister has done all the development and welfare works – BSKY, Mission Shakti, Mamata, LAccMI Bus, 5T School, Madhubabu Pension Yojana, said Kartik Pandian.

Salipur is the soil of the brotherhood. It has been given the status of NAC, he said.

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