Kritika Bharadwaj played aeroplane simulation games for her part in ‘Yodha’

Mumbai: Actress Kritika Bharadwaj, who essays the role of trainee pilot Tanya Sharma in the recently released Sidharth Malhotra-starrer film ‘Yodha’, shared that she played aeroplane simulation games to take cues for the role and the technicalities involved.

The actress has been a part of the hit streaming show ‘Mismatched’, and landed her role in ‘Yodha’ toward the end of the shooting schedule of ‘Mismatched 2’.

The actress said that switching from portraying Simran in ‘Mismatched 2’ to Tanya, the aspiring pilot, was really interesting.

She told IANS: “I got deep into learning all those technical terms, even took cues from playing aeroplane simulation games. Shooting the cockpit scenes towards the end of Yodha in a step-by-step manner just flowed naturally with the storyline. And you know what? My first scene in Yodha, where I bump into Sidharth’s character, felt like deja vu, almost like a real-life encounter. It made everything feel so genuine and smooth.”

Talking about how she landed her part in the film, the actress shared: “In June 2021, I auditioned for a project without realising it was ‘Yodha’. Fast forward to October, while filming ‘Mismatched’ season 2 in Rajasthan, I received a call from Panchami’s team, inviting me for a meeting with the directors for a look test. Following that, I was confirmed for the role. We concluded shooting for ‘Mismatched’ season 2 on November 24, and by November 27, I was already on set for ‘Yodha’.”

She also spoke about her experience of working with Sidharth. She said: “Working with Sidharth was a delightful experience; he was incredibly warm and kind. Since all my scenes were with him, it made the experience even more enjoyable. Despite being new to the industry, I never felt like a beginner around him.”

“The action sequences were certainly challenging, but they were also exhilarating and fun to experience. I recall Sid mentioning that he began his journey at 26, which coincidentally was the same age I was when shooting for Yodha. It felt like we shared a similar journey in our careers,” she added.


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