Matthew McConaughey gets a swollen eye from bee sting

Los Angeles: Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, who is known for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘True Detective’ and other films, had an apparent run-in with a bee.

The actor recently shared a close-up photo of himself on his Instagram showing his right eye completely swollen shut, reports People magazine.

While the actor did not specify exactly what happened to him, he hinted at an unfortunate incident with a bee with a punny caption: “Bee swell.” Despite the alarming eye injury, he appeared otherwise in good spirits in the photo and held a grin for the camera.

Aside from McConaughey’s apparent bee incident, the actor has been busy as of late: he and his wife Camila Alves McConaughey shared birthday wishes to their eldest son Levi on Sunday, July 7, by sharing a montage of photos of the 16-year-old with his parents and a voiceover message.

“Alright Levi, coming on that age, buddy. About to be out on your own”, the star said in part during his voiceover. “Me and your mom hope we’ve done as good of a job as we can. You’re not gonna really have us as a safety net out there in the wonderful, wild world forever.”

As per People, Matthew and Camila also share two younger kids: daughter Vida, 14, and son Livingston, 11. In June, McConaughey admitted during a conversation with fellow Texas native Glen Powell for Interview magazine that he once took a two-year break from working in Hollywood after he felt he was struggling to book movie roles outside of the romantic comedy genre, where he made early 2000s classics like ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ (2003).

“Dude, it was scary. I had long talks with my wife about needing to find a new vocation,” he shared of the hiatus. He recalled that he told his wife at various points during this time that he was considering teaching high school, studying to conduct music or working as a “wildlife guide.”


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