Minorities trust PM Modi’s Guarantee, Oppn sees them as vote bank, says Danish Ansari: IANS Interview

Lucknow: With the announcement of the Lok Sabha poll schedule by the Election Commission of India (ECI), all parties in Uttar Pradesh are now in election mode.

In an interview with IANS, the Yogi government’s Minority Welfare Minister, Danish Azad Ansari, spoke on various aspects of the elections. He believes that the minorities trust Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Guarantee while the opposition only targets them.

IANS: The opposition is raising questions on CAA as to why it has been brought during elections. Is there an intention to polarize the voters?

Danish Azad Ansari: See, this question of the opposition is an unnecessary issue at the time of elections. It’s a failed attempt to divert attention. It is the duty of a responsible government to understand the needs of the society and take concrete steps to fulfil them. PM Modi’s government is known for its commitment to duty. From 2014 till now, PM Modi has worked with full honesty and conviction for the country’s progress, development, expansion of the country’s capabilities. PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have clearly said that CAA is a law to grant citizenship. Due to this, no person of any caste,or religion will lose his citizenship. CAA is a law to grant citizenship only to the persecuted minorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Minorities have faith in Modi ji’s guarantee. The opposition has been targeting them. They consider them only as vote banks and mislead them. The opposition has always remained away from their main issue. Their main issue is their education, employment and security. The Modi government has worked honestly on these issues. The results are also visible on the ground.

IANS: Some minorities are also raising questions. How will you explain it to them?

Danish Azad Ansari: The CAA is a common draft. Everyone should read that draft. It is on a public platform. I hope many people have read it too. That’s why today after so many days since CAA was implemented, it is getting support from all quarters. Yes, some opposition parties and some leaders want to create confusion in society as part of a conspiracy. Their agenda behind this is only to set their political game in the elections. During the rule of the Congress, the minority community was kept away from development. No work was done towards their education. the Samajwadi Party (SP) also did not do any work to improve their education system. No work was done for the development of minority-dominated areas. The Congress and other parties have been misleading the minorities on wrong issues since Independence till today. PM Modi is successfully connecting them with the mainstream. This is the reason why minorities are with the Modi government even on the issue of CAA.

IANS: What are the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections?

Danish Azad Ansari: Under the leadership of PM Modi, the BJP is going to form the government with full majority for the third time, winning 80 out of 80 seats in UP. The country has faith in PM Modi’s Guarantee. Modi ji has worked for the development of the society, advancing the capabilities of India and empowering the youth. Not only this, he has worked for the upliftment of minority, backward and Dalit society. This is unprecedented in itself. This is the dilemma of all the opposition parties coming together for personal interests under the INDIA bloc.

IANS: The opposition is accusing the Modi government of misusing CBI and ED. What will you say?

Danish Azad Ansari: The Congress and SP, who made loot and corruption their agenda during their rule, do not have the moral right to ask such questions. The people know those who are looting their hard-earned money. These parties have fulfilled personal agendas in their governments with taxpayers’ money. No one will forget the hooliganism and corruption of SP rule. The public knows everything. Their leaders were involved in different scams. It is a law of nature that as one sows, so does he reap. The investigating agencies are doing their work in a fair and transparent manner.

IANS: There is no minority name among the candidates declared by the BJP so far. Why so?

Danish Azad Ansari: The true well-wishers of the minority society are BJP, PM Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath. Minorities cannot develop by merely giving tickets for Assembly and Lok Sabha. Giving tickets to minority communities is not a parameter of development. The parameter of development of this society is their education and employment. They have to be given better opportunities which PM Modi, BJP and the Yogi government have done. The PM Modi and Yogi governments have ensured every kind of participation. There are two members of the Legislative Council, minority chairmen and members of various corporations, boards and commissions of UP and also Rajya Sabha members. Many minorities have received the Padma Shri award. They have been awarded the country’s highest honour.

IANS: There is a tug of war regarding illegal madrasas in UP. What is the issue of funding in this?

Danish Azad Ansari: The Yogi government never made an arena of legal and illegal madrassas in UP. The survey conducted by the Minority Social Welfare Department was not done to identify legal and illegal madrassas, but for unrecognised madrassas. There are 16,513 madrassas in UP recognised by the Madrassa Board. There are approximately 8000 unrecognised madrassas . The Yogi government is serious about improving the madrassa education system. Children from common Muslim families study here. The Yogi government is committed to providing good, transparent and modern education there. Concrete steps are being taken towards making the madrassa education system better and better.

IANS: What is the BJP doing about the Pasmanda society? Will you take any further steps?

Danish Azad Ansari: PM Modi has spoken about the upliftment of the Pasmanda society with an open heart on an open platform. The government and organisations are working to bring them into the mainstream.


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