My defeat will be as good as my death: K’taka Cong candidate

Mysuru, (Karnataka):  Karnataka Congress candidate for Mysuru-Kodagu Parliamentary constituency M. Laxman on Friday said that if he gets defeated again in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, it will be “as good as death” for him.

“Earlier, I contested four times but the voters did not support me. Congress has considered me a suitable candidate and issued a ticket to me. If I get defeated again this time, it will be as good as my death,” Laxman said.

BJP has denied the ticket to two-time MP Pratap Simha from Mysuru and fielded royal scion Yaduveer Wadiyar.

Laxman criticised Pratap Simha, saying he was MP for 10 years but still denied a ticket. “I wanted to contest against Pratap Simha. But Pratap Simha got out even before the election. BJP should give reasons for denying the ticket to Pratap Simha. The reason why Pratap Simha was denied the ticket is yet to be known,” he said.


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