Naveen Sets 10-Point Action Agenda for OAVs

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today set a 10-point action agenda for Odisha Adarsha Vidyalayas (OAVs) in the State.

As per the action agenda, all OAVs will be green campus and comply with net zero emission standards by 2025.

OAVs will be talent centers and will get at least one student to crack one of the national entrance examinations each year.

All OAVs will conduct at least one blood donation camp in collaboration with Rotary and Lions’ Club this year, subject to Covid Rules and regulations by Government.

OAVs will conduct a mock UN session to highlight global issues and interconnections in sustainable climate planning.

OAVians will carry out community service of “each one teach one” to gain practical experience in the field of education.

Skilling in schooling will be promoted for the needy.

Each OAV will have a 10- year vision document/roadmap highlighting what all it will achieve in 10 years’ time frame.

Every OAV will have an interactive and dynamic web page which will be a source of learning and expression for the teaching and student community.
OAVS will publish a monthly newsletter namely OAVS NEWS/OAVians.

OAVS will promote Yoga, Sports, Games and healthy living.

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