Need for sustainable environment for future generations: Punjab CM

Chandigarh: Underlining the need for providing a sustainable environment to the future generations, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Monday gave a clarion call for launching a mass movement to preserve water and environment.

Chairing a state-level function to mark World Environment Day, he expressed concern over the depleting ground water table and polluting environment in the state.

He said immediate remedial steps are required to save the only precious and scarce natural resource of Punjab in terms of water along with checking the environmental pollution.

Mann said this cannot be done by the government alone but people’s participation is must by launching a vigorous mass awareness campaign to sensitize them about its significance, especially in wake of global warming.

Quoting the Gurbani, he said the verse “Pawan Guru, Paani Pitaah, Mata Dharat Mahat” explains how “our great Gurus have equated air (pawan) with teacher, water (paani) with father and land (dharat) with mother”.

Unfortunately, Mann said the words of the great Gurus have not been honoured by “us, as we have polluted all these three”.

The Chief Minister said now the time has come when we must imbibe the teachings of Gurbani in letter and spirit to restore the glory of the state. While slamming the Opposition parties for blatantly ignoring the environmental issues, he said as water, air and land had no votes so these leaders ignored them.

Mann said due to this massive pollution and degradation of these natural resources took place thereby causing an irreparable loss to society, adding after the formation of the AAP government in the state steps have been taken to save the environment.

Showing concern over the gravity of the emerging situation following the fast depleting water table, the Chief Minister said almost all blocks in the state are in the dark zone as far as the groundwater is concerned.

Mann said it has happened due to reckless pumping of water in fields.


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