Nicolas Cage on having 3 kids with 3 women: Not what I’d originally thought would happen

Los Angeles: Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage has spoken about his relationship with his three children — daughter August Francesca and sons Kal-El and Weston.

The star told The New Yorker: “They’re all different experiences. Each one has a different mother. It’s not what I had originally thought would happen when I fell in love or got married — that I would have three different children with three different moms — but nonetheless, that’s what’s happened.”

Cage added: “So every child is different. There’s a different kind of level of attention.”

The actor shares Weston with his former partner Christina Fulton, Kal-El with his third wife Alice Kim, and August with his fifth wife Riko Shibata.

Cage mentioned that he worries about his “very adorable” 22-month-old daughter, saying, “So this is all different levels of worry and protection and taking it into overdrive.”

He also remarked on how being a father is intrinsic to his personhood, reports

“Being a dad — to me, it’s not an art form, it’s… How do I put this? It’s like breathing. Everything is about her. You know, I can make a movie or not make a movie. I can’t stop being a dad. With her, it’s life. It’s my survival,” he said.

The actor welcomed his eldest son, Weston, with his girlfriend, Fulton, in December 1990.

In a 2015 interview, Cage called Weston a “total artist.”

“He can do things I dream about doing… compose music, sing, act, sculpt, and cook, and now he is a loving father,” he said.

“To see my son with my grandson is as close to a sense of blissful completion as I’ve ever had.”


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