Nishant Malkaani highlights rich history, cultural significance of audio storytelling in India

Mumbai: Actor Nishant Malkaani, who is receiving a lot of positive responses to his audio streaming series ‘Insta Empire’, has said that audio storytelling has a rich history and important cultural significance in India.

Audio storytelling is ingrained in the subconscious of Indians since we have been hearing lullabies or stories from our grandmothers since we were children.

The actor said: “Yes, certainly. Audio storytelling has a rich history and important cultural significance in India. From lullabies sung by mothers to bedtime stories told by grandmothers, these traditions have been a key part of growing up in India. Because of this, modern audio storytelling feels very familiar and could be very successful in the Indian market.”

He said that unlike movies or TV shows, which need full time and attention, audio series can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, offering unmatched flexibility and accessibility.

When asked about the experience of working on the audio series, he said: “Working on an audio series is definitely a very different experience, and I believe that, just like any other medium, audio storytelling is carving out its own unique category among other content avenues.”

“In audio, since it’s without visual elements, the entire narrative must be conveyed through sound alone, which places a greater emphasis on dialogue, sound effects, and music to create a vivid and immersive experience for the listener. This requires a different set of skills and creativity from the team to ensure that the story is engaging and that the audience can easily follow along and visualise the scenes in their minds,” he added.

‘Insta Empire’ streams on Pocket FM.


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