On Gautam Adani’s birthday, video of Adani Group’s 2023 fight back takes internet by storm

New Delhi: Gautam Adani, the Founder-Chairman of Adani Group, turned 62 on Monday, thereby adding yet another year of remarkable accomplishments and milestones for his various companies while contributing to the country’s wealth creation.

Billionaire Gautam Adani also addressed the annual general meeting (AGM) of the flagship company Adani Enterprises on Monday, and told millions of shareholders that his ports-to-energy conglomerate is stronger than ever while its best is yet to come.

Meanwhile, a video showcasing the difficulties and struggles of the Adani Group, particularly in 2023, and the valiant fightback led by Gautam Adani took social media by storm on Monday.

The 4-minute viral video aptly titled ‘Adani – Stronger than ever’ shared by the Adani Group vividly shows how the leading industrialist built the conglomerate from scratch with his hard work and honesty, while never giving in to tougher times.

It particularly captures the troublesome phase of 2023, when Adani Group faced an unprecedented crisis and suffered heavy losses in the wake of fake and forged reports by a US-based short seller, Hindenburg Research. The motivated report came in January 2023, just days before AEL’s Rs 20,000 crore follow-on public offer.

Summarising 2023 as the tumultuous year and the company’s stellar rise thereafter, the video elucidates, “The conglomerate faced one of its worst crises in 2023. Despite facing fire from all sides, it came back with a bang. And, the one person who turned this crisis into opportunity was none other than Gautam Adani, the man whose life is a testimony of winning battles with purity in heart and smile on the face.”

The Adani Group Chairman also made a mention of the challenge posed by Hindenburg in his AGM speech as he told the shareholders how it not only failed to undermine the group’s foundations, but rather ultimately resulted in fortifying its resolve for next-generation growth.

“We were faced with baseless accusations made by a foreign short seller that questioned our decades of hard work. In the face of an unprecedented attack on our integrity and reputation, we fought back and proved that no challenge could weaken the foundations on which your Group has been established,” said Gautam Adani, addressing the shareholders.

He also said that the world is witnessing the rise of India and it is a ripe moment to seize the opportunity.

“India is no longer at the crossroads. We stand on the brink of our greatest growth phase,” the billionaire said, emphasising India’s emerging role amid geopolitical shifts.

The viral video seeks to give Gautam Adani’s life lessons to the netizens on how to keep oneself calm and composed in tough times and maintain a spirited fight to defeat it, even if the latter is driven by trickery and subterfuge.


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