One more ‘Talibani’ video in Bengal; will Rahul Gandhi go there, asks BJP

New Delhi: BJP National Spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla on Tuesday slammed the Mamata government over another alleged flogging incident in West Bengal, asking whether Rahul Gandhi and other INDIA bloc leaders will visit the victim.

The BJP spokesperson took to his X handle and shared a video of a group of men thrashing someone, captioning it, “Another Horrific Talibani video from Bengal after Chopra talibani flogging.”

He alleged that in the video, a “close associate of TMC MLA is thrashing a girl with his gang.”

Sharing a video on X, Shehzad Poonawala said, “One more Bengal Talibani video has surfaced, which shows that a woman is being brutally beaten by a person who is close to the Trinamool Congress leaders.”

“Incidents like these are constantly happening. TMC now means Talibani Mujhe Chahiye. And TMC leaders are defending it. They also defended the Chopra incident and the Sandeshkhali incident, for which the Mamata government was also reprimanded by the Supreme Court,” he added.

Criticising the Bengal government for saving the culprits, he said, “Today, the Mamata government has “changed its slogan from ‘Ma Mati Manush’ to ‘Balaatkaari bachao’ (save the rapists), ‘Bhrashtachaari bachao’ (save the corrupt) and ‘Bomb Blast karne waalo ko bachao’ (save the bombers).”

Slamming the INDIA bloc for its “hypocrisy” of maintaining silence on this issue, Poonwalla said, “The sad thing is that the leaders who talk a lot about women’s empowerment and the others who reach Manipur, like Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, will he go and meet this woman? Will they talk against the Mamata government? Will leaders like Priyanka Vadra, Priyanka Chaturvedi and Aam Aadmi Party speak on this issue? No, it is just a pin-drop silence on the Sandeshkhali, Swati Maliwal, Talibani incident in Chopra and this recent Talibani incident.”

Alleging that the Trinamool leaders have “themselves confirmed” the video, he wrote in his post on X, “THEIR DEFENCE IS THAT IT’S A FEW WEEKS/MONTHS OLD! Is that even a defence? It means TMC, as usual, suppressed the video using threats.”


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