Paramvir Singh Cheema grew his hair, beard for 6 months for ‘Chamak’

Mumbai: Actor Paramvir Singh Cheema, who portrays the lead in the upcoming streaming show ‘Chamak’, has shared that he grew his hair and beard for six months for the character.

In the show, Paramvir takes on the role of Kaala, a young aspiring rapper whose life takes an unexpected turn upon his return to Punjab from Canada.

Talking about his preparations, Paramvir said: “I experienced a multitude of firsts through my portrayal of Kaala in Chamak. I underwent a complete transformation, growing my hair and beard for six months to convincingly mirror his appearance. Additionally, I dedicated long hours to perfecting the makeup for Kaala’s tan look, which is distinct from my original complexion.”

The actor continued, “I was also unfamiliar with applying Surma to my eyes, yet it was crucial in depicting Kaala’s journey, an aspect viewers will witness in the series. To delve even deeper, I immersed myself in learning music and took up rigorous action training to be authentic.”

Paramvir further revealed his efforts to connect with Kaala on a deeper level by reaching out to his friends living in Canada.

The actor stated, “Understanding their way of living and the challenges they face upon returning to India was essential. I also got insights into the Punjabi culture in Canada to establish a profound connection with Kaala.”

Created, written and directed by Rohit Jugraj, the series is produced by Geetanjali Mehelwa Chauhan, Rohit Jugraj Chauhan and Sumeet Nandlal Dubey.

‘Chamak’ drops on Sony LIV on December 7.



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