‘Past 12 months hottest ever on Earth, El Nino effect to intensify from next year’

Washington:  Amid rising concerns of climate change, especially caused by fossil fuel emissions, researchers have found the past 12 months (November 2022 to October 2023) have been the hottest ever recorded, and the situation is expected to worsen next year.

According to an analysis released on Thursday by non-profit organisation Climate Central, which analyses and reports on climate science, human-induced climate change has significantly elevated temperatures around the world and global average temperatures in this period were about 1.32-degree Celsius above pre-industrial averages, as per media reports.

Its report also warned that El Nino is only just beginning to boost temperatures, and, based on historical patterns, most of the effect would be felt next year.

As per Climate Central, in the examined period, at least 90 per cent of the world’s population experienced at least 10 days with high temperatures that would have been unlikely without the influence of climate change, while 25 per cent faced five-day heat wave spells made at least twice as likely by climate change.

“This is the hottest temperature our planet has experienced in something like 125,000 years,” Climate Central’s Vice President (Science), Andrew Pershing, said at a news conference, NBC News reported.

The researchers say climate change from the burning of fossil fuels is the primary driver of the increase in temperature, while El Nino, a natural climate pattern that releases ocean heat into the atmosphere, is also beginning to boost temperatures.

Pershing and many other scientists have warned that the next year could set new records as the influence of El Nino makes a stronger impact.


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