PM Modi urges people to not get upset with ‘insulting language’ used against him by Congress

New Delhi:  Emphasising that “insulting remarks” are being made against him by top Congress leaders during the ongoing campaigning for Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Thursday, urged people to not get disturbed by the language that is being used against him.

“The ‘shehzada’ of the Congress party is so worried these days that he enjoys insulting Modi every other day, saying one bad thing or the other. He keeps on saying things. I am seeing it on social media and TV that a lot of people are getting upset with what is being said against me and the language that is being used against the Prime Minister of the country,” said PM Modi while addressing a public rally in Morena Lok Sabha constituency in Madhya Pradesh’s Chambal region.

“I urge everyone who is getting disturbed by the language that is being used against me to not get angry and unhappy. You know it well that they are ‘naamdar’ and we are ‘kamdar’. This has been the trend for decades. I am one of you who hails from a humble background and this is nothing new for us. They are so upset that a lot of things will be said in the times to come, so I request you not to waste time on the issue and move on,” he added while addressing the ‘Vijay Sankalp’ rally.

PM Modi mentioned that Congress is indulging in different games to get the chair anyhow by playing with the future of people.

“Nothing is greater than the country for BJP. But for Congress, it is family first,” he said in Morena.


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