Protest against Union Minister Ashwini Choubey during BJP meet in Bihar’s Buxar

Patna:  Union Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey faced an awkward situation after a member of his party protested against him in his home constituency Buxar on Thursday.

The BJP appears to be a divided house in Buxar with two groups holding separate meetings.

One group belonging to Minister Choubey held a meeting in Hotel Vaishnavi Clarke and another group assembled in Bagicha Utsav hall in the city.

During the meeting of Choubey, a member shouted slogans against him. Other members immediately pushed him out of the meeting hall. And, the supporters of Choubey shouted slogans in favour of him.

Following the incident, district BJP president Bhola Singh said: “Such an incident is a part of conspiracy. The person, who was protesting against the minister, is not a party worker. I did not hear what he had said during the meeting.”

v is facing a tough time in Buxar as a large number of party leaders are running campaigns against him. They are using social media networks to campaign against Choubey.

Those who were against Choubey were doing parallel meetings in the city’s Bagicha Utsav hall to make their presence felt before the party’s top leadership.


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