Rare Fish Auctioned for Rs 3.10 Lakh in Bhadrak

Bhadrak: A rare fish was auctioned for a whopping Rs 3.10 lakh in Odisha’s Bhadrak district.

The ghol fish known as Teleia weighing around 32 kg was caught by a fisherman of Talachhua from Chandanipal of Dhamra in Bhadrak district.

The fish was sold at a price of Rs 3.10 lakh to a pharmaceutical company during auction on Friday.

The Ghol fish, scientifically called as Protonibea diacanthus, is one of the most valuable marine species. In Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, it is in high demand because of its therapeutic benefits. The fish is packed with minerals like iodine, omega-3, DHA, EPA, iron, taurine, magnesium, fluoride, and selenium.

There’s a pouch in the fish’s gut, which has great medicinal properties and a high market value in the international market. It is because of this pouch, this fish is referred as ‘Sea Gold’.

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