Starlink delays daytime data caps

San Francisco: Elon Musk-run Starlink has delayed its daytime data caps which were scheduled to go live this month.

According to the company’s updated website, the upcoming daytime data limitations will now take effect in February 2023, reports The Verge.

However, the terms of the data caps seem to be the same.

Customers will receive a dedicated amount of “Priority Access” data each month as part of Starlink’s new “Fair Use Policy”.

The satellite internet service specifies peak hours as 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., therefore any data consumed during that time will come from the Priority Access pool.

If users’ Priority Access allotment exceed, they have the option of purchasing additional data or switching to “Basic Access” data for the remainder of their billing cycle, which is deprioritised and might be slower.

There will be a 1TB data cap for residential subscribers, and extra data can be purchased for 25 cents per GB.

Other plans offer various allotments.

Priority Access data is not available for Starlink’s RV (recreational vehicle), Portability, or Best Effort tiers.


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