Sunny Leone’s ‘Splitsvilla’ advice: ‘Not just emotions, you need to think about game as well’

Mumbai:  Actress Sunny Leone, who hosts the dating reality show ‘MTV Splitsvilla X5’ shared on the latest episode of the show that contestants have to strike a balance between their emotions and the game.

Following a dance-off challenge, Rushali basks in newfound confidence in Harsh as their chemistry outshone Harsh and Shubhi’s chemistry in the dance-off.

In the upcoming episode, the Splitsvillains face the challenge of choosing two ‘Lit Couples’. They must now choose two Lit couples from the winners of the dance-off

Arriving at the challenge location, the Splitsvillains are greeted by Tanuj and Sunny who reveal the task: ‘Lit Lag Gai.’ The unique challenge setup instantly caught eyeballs, with two nets on either end of a swimming pool.

Sunny said, “Ye aapke liye difficult tha ya easy? Because you don’t just have to think about your emotions behind it, aapko game ke baare mein bhi sochna padega.”

Tanuj and Sunny went on to announce the chosen Lit couples. These lucky pairs will be the team captains, each selecting two more couples from the winners. The challenge is aptly named ‘Lit Lag Gai’. The boys of the Lit couples must sit in boats, and the remaining two from each team will stand on either end pushing and pulling their way to score a goal.

Drama escalates as Dev Karan confesses his desire to form a genuine connection with Shubhi, hoping she’s more than just a player.

‘MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please’ is available on MTV and JioCinema.


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