Sweden pledges Ukraine largest military aid package to date

Copenhagen: Sweden has promised Ukraine its largest military aid package to date, totalling 13.3 billion Swedish kronor (around €1.26 billion).

The package is intended to strengthen Ukraine’s entire air defence system, the Swedish government announced on Wednesday. The package includes aircraft and armoured personnel carriers.

“Ukraine urgently needs to strengthen its air defence,” said Swedish Defence Minister Pål Jonson at a press conference. The package is the 16th from Sweden and about twice as large as the previous one.

As part of the package, Sweden will provide two ASC 890 radar reconnaissance and command and control aircraft. Defence Minister Jonson said these currently have “the greatest impact on Ukrainian air defence” as they will complement and reinforce the promised donations of US F-16 fighter jets.

In addition, the entire Swedish stock of APC 302 armoured personnel carriers will be made available to support the development of new Ukrainian army brigades. Sweden says it has so far provided 43.5 billion Swedish kronor in military aid since the start of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine in February 2022.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Sweden on X and explained that the support was crucial for Ukraine’s defence and resilience. “It is also important that the Swedish aid not only saves Ukrainian lives, but also helps to ensure long-term peace and security in Europe,” he wrote.


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