Telangana appoints chairpersons for 35 state-run corporations

Hyderabad: The government of Telangana has appointed chairpersons for 35 state-run corporations.

Most of those appointed chairpersons are those leaders of the ruling Congress party who were denied tickets to contest Assembly elections held in November 2023.

Though seven separate orders, appointing the chairpersons for a period of two years, were issued by Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari on March 15, the same were made public on Monday.

S Anvesh Reddy has been appointed as chairman of Telangana State Seeds Development Corporation Limited.

Kasula Bala Raju will head Telangana State Agro Industries Development Corporation Limited while Janga Raghav Reddy will head Telangana State Co-operative Oil Seeds Growers Federation Limited.

The government appointed Manala Mohan Reddy as chairperson of Telangana State Co-operative Union Limited.

Rayala Nageshwara Rao is the chairperson for Telangana State Warehousing Corporation Limited.

It named Gyaneshwar Mudiraj Telangana chairman of State Mudiraj Co-operative Societies Corporation Limited.

Mettu Sai Kumar is the chairperson of Telangana State Fisheries Co-operative Societies Federation Limited.

Through another order the government appointed MD. Riyaz as chairperson of Telangana State Grandhalaya Parishad, Podem Veeraiah as chairperson of Telangana State Forest Development Corporation Limited, Kalva Sujatha as the head of Telangana State Arya Vaishya Corporation, R. Gurunath Reddy as the chairman of Telangana State Police Housing Development Corporation Limited, N. Giridhar Reddy as the chairman of Society for Employment Promotion & Training in Twin Cities (SETWIN), Janak Prasad as chairman of Telangana State Minimum Wages Advisory Board and M. Vijaya Babu as chairman of Telangana State Irrigation Development Corporation Limited.

Other chairpersons are Naidu Satyanarayana (Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited), Anil Eravath (Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation Limited), T Nirmala Jaggareddy (Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Limited), Aitha Prakash Reddy (Telangana State Trade Promotion Corporation Limited), Manne Sateesh Kumar (Telangana State Technology Services Development Corporation Limited), Challa Narasimha Reddy (Telangana State Urban Finance Infrastructure Development Co-operation Limited), K. Narender Reddy (Satavahana Urban Development Authority), E. Venkatrami Reddy (Kakatiya Urban Development Authority), Ramreddy Malreddy (Telangana State Road Development Corporation Limited), Patel Ramesh Reddy Telangana (State Tourism Development Corporation Limited), MA Faheem (Telangana Foods), Bandru Shoba Rani (Telangana State Women’s Co-operative Development Corporation Limited), M Veeraiah (Telangana State Vikalangula Co-operative Development Corporation Limited), K Shiva Sena Reddy (Sports Authority of Telangana State), Alekhya Punjala Telangana Sangeetha Nataka Academy, N Preetham (Telangana State Scheduled Caste Co-operative Development Corporation Limited), Nuthi Srikanth (Telangana State BC Co-operative Finance Corporation Limited), Bellaiah Nayak (Telangana State Scheduled Tribes Co-operative Finance Development Corporation Limited), Kotnaka Thirupathi (Telangana State Girijan Co-operative Finance Development Corporation) and Jeripeti Jaipal (Telangana State Most Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited.)

Through a separate order, the government appointed MA Jabbar as Vice-Chairman of Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation.

Meanwhile, Bharat Rashtra Samithi leader Krishank has criticised the government for releasing what he called back-dated Government Orders (GOs).

He asked if the GOs were released on March 15, why no Corporation Chairman took charge for four months.

Why was it not released to the media then, why released today, he asked.

“This explains that this is a back-dated GO. Such manipulation from the highest office can break faith of people on government,” he said.


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