Torrential rain likely across Japan through Friday

Tokyo: Japan’s weather agency on Wednesday warned of torrential downpours in the Tohoku region and eastern Japan through Thursday and in western Japan through Friday.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said atmospheric conditions are expected to be unstable in wide areas from the Tohoku region to western Japan due to warm, damp air flowing toward a seasonal rain front stretching from the Sea of Japan to northern Japan, reports Xinhua news agency.

These areas are expected to be intermittently hit by downpours accompanied by thunder, the JMA said.

Rainfall in the 24 hours through Thursday morning is expected to reach up to 150 millimetres in the Tohoku, Tokai and Chugoku regions.

During the 24 hour period through Friday morning, up to 100 millimetres of rain is expected in northern Kyushu, 80 millimetres in the Hokuriku and Chugoku regions and 50 millimetres in the Tohoku region, according to the agency.

Weather officials called for caution against flooding in low-lying areas, landslides, swollen rivers, as well as lightning, gusting wind and hail.


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