UP: Doctors remove live worm from man’s nose

Prayagraj (UP), June 25 (IANS) In a rare surgery, doctors at Nazareth Hospital removed a live foreign body (zoic) from the nose of a man in Prayagraj.

Doctors said one of the nostrils of Cecil Andrew had been bleeding for several days, and he felt strange movements inside the nose.

On examination, a live worm was found hidden deep inside his left nostril.

This operation was carried out by Dr Subhash Chandra Verma, a surgeon in the ENT Department of the hospital, using the telescope method without damaging the surrounding tissues.

“The patient bathed in the stagnant water of a waterfall in Uttarakhand two weeks ago. It is common to see leeches stuck to the external parts of the body of people who bathe in a pond or lake, but finding a leech inside the nose is a strange and rare incident. Fortunately, the zoic did not travel to the brain or eye,” he said.

Verma added that the patient is healthy and recovering.



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