US: Fire following train derailment largely extinguished in North Dakota

Los Angeles: The flames from railcars carrying hazardous material have been mostly extinguished one day after a train derailed in the midwestern US state of North Dakota, local media reported.

Foster County Emergency Manager Andrew Kirking was quoted by KFYR Television station on Saturday as saying that firefighters carried out operations from Friday night to Saturday morning at the site of the train derailment near Carrington County, east of Foster County.

Most of the fire has been extinguished, with only occasional flare-ups as railcars were moved, the report said.

Contents of the derailed cars included methanol, anhydrous ammonia and plastic pellets, and air monitoring has consistently shown zero-per cent air contamination in the area, reports Xinhua news agency, citing Kirking.

According to the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services, the train carrying hazardous materials derailed and caught fire early Friday morning with no injuries reported.


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