‘Victories & setbacks are inevitable’, Rahul Gandhi writes to Rishi Sunak after poll defeat

New Delhi:  Leader of Opposition (LoP) Rahul Gandhi on Saturday wrote to outgoing UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, saying that victories and setbacks are inevitable parts of democracy after the Labour Party won a landslide victory in the recently concluded elections.

“I would like to extend my commiserations on the recent electoral outcome. Victories and setbacks are both an inevitable part of the journey in a democracy, and we must take both in our stride,” LoP Rahul Gandhi wrote.

The Conservative Party suffered a collapse after a tumultuous 14 years in power, which saw five different prime ministers run the country, losing 250 seats.

“Your (Rishi Sunak) dedication to public service and commitment to your people are commendable,” the LoP said.

The result marks a stunning reversal from the 2019 election when Labour, led by the veteran left-wing politician Jeremy Corbyn, suffered its worst electoral defeat.

“I also deeply value the efforts you made to strengthen the ties between India and the UK during your term in office. I am confident you will continue to contribute to public life with your experience,” the LoP said.

He also wished Rishi Sunak all the best for your future endeavours.


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