Western India Squash: National champion Anahat Singh given top seeding in women’s singles, girls’ U19 sections

Mumbai: All eyes will be on newly crowned National Women’s Champion Anahat Singh as she leads the seedings in the women’s section in the CCI-Western India Slam Squash Championship 2023 starting on Monday.

Anahat, who at 15 years is the youngest national champion in the women’s section, has been given the pride of place in both the girls’ under-19 and women’s draws.

Maharashtra challengers Suraj Chand and Veer Chotrani are the No.1 and No.2 seeds respectively in the men’s event organized by the Cricket Club of India (CCI) under the auspices of the Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI). The 78th edition of this prestigious tournament will be played at the CCI squash courts from Monday.

Tamil Nadu’s Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu and Rahul Baitha of Maharashtra are the joint third and fourth seeds.

In the women’s singles, Maharashtra’s Janet Vidhi is seeded second in the women’s competition while the joint third and fourth seeds are Chanidgarh’s Ananya Pandey and Maharashtra’s Nirupama Dubey.

The second seed in the girls’ under-19 draw is Nirupama Dubey of Maharashtra, while Tamil Nadu’s M. Amritha Rajalakshmi and Reiva Nimbalkar of Maharashtra are the joint third and fourth seeds.

The seedings:

Women: 1. Anahat Singh (DL), 2. Janet Vidhi (MH), 3/4. Ananya Pandey (CG), 3/4. Nirupama Dubey (MH), 5/8. Diya Yadav (USA), 5/8. Mehak Gupta (MH), 5/8. Reiva Nimbalkar (MH), 5/8. Chhavi Saran (RJ).

Men: 1. Suraj Chand (MH), 2. Veer Chotrani (MH), 3/4. Rahul Baitha (MH), 3/4. Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu (TN), 5/8. Om Semwal (MH), 5/8. Jaideep Singh Sethi (UP), 5/8. Vaibhav Chauhan (SR), 5/8. Avinash Sahani (MH).

Girls’ U-19: 1. Anahat Singh (DL), 2. Nirupama Dubey (MH), 3/4. M Amritha Rajalakshmi (TN), 3/4. Reiva Nimbalkar (MH), 5/8. Khushi Jaspal (MH), 5/8. Perina Sharma (DL), 5/8. Dhritih Kandpal (GJ), 5/8. Yashvi Lakhwani (MP).

Boys’ U-19: 1. Yuvraj Wadhwani (MH), 2. Ayaan Vaziralli (MH), 3/4. Sandhesh Pr (TN), 3/4. Rajasmin Sharma (UP), 5/8. Siddhant Rewari (MH), 5/8. Avalokit Singh (RJ), 5/8. Arjun Somani (MH), 5/8. Arush Chatterjee (DL).


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