What happened when Akshay Kumar collided with Bangkok RTO’s bike

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar recounted his accident story in Thailand, sharing how the incident taught him the significance of humility.

Akshay, who was the first guest on the talk show ‘Dhawan Karenge’ hosted by cricketer Shikhar Dhawan, reminisced about a memorable incident from his visit to the exotic destination of Bangkok.

He shared: “My father realised my disinterest in studies and helped me move to Bangkok at an early age. I really liked the country. Right from the minute you leave the plane, you find everyone bowing down to you with their hands joined. It feels very nice and beautiful especially when you realise that it’s actually taken from our culture and followed so politely there.”

“I remember an incident that taught me the significance of humility and bowing down. When you humble yourself, you gain the resilience to navigate through any challenge or obstacle. Once, while driving, I accidentally collided with the bike of an RTO officer while making a turn, causing both of us to fall. Scared, I immediately apologised, bowing to him. The officer assisted me in getting my bike and helmet up and calmly advised me to drive slowly and carefully,” added Akshay.

‘Dhawan Karenge’ is airing on JioCinema Premium.


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