Ganjam: Dhumuchai Bids Adieu To Covid Warior Sarapanch Manoj Pradhan with State Honour

Berhampur: A pall of gloom descended in Dhumuchai Panchayat yesterday when the deadbody of Manoj Pradhan was taken for the last rites. Manoj was a frontline Covid worker who was tirelessly working in the Panchayat to stop the spread of the deadly disease. Many a times he was seen at the quarantine centers and Temporary Medical Centers interacting with the inmates and reviewing all the issues.

He was the most dependable person in the panchayat when hundreds of migrants returned to the area and needed to be helped. His jovial and helping nature will be remembered for ever. Manoj was admitted to the hospital after he complained of breathlessness and uneasy a few days back. He was taken to the Bhanjanagar Medical for treatment. His antigen test showed Covid negative.

Wrapped in tricolor, Manoj was given state funeral in the presence of a large number of villagers and government officials. His dedication to the service of the people and down to earth nature made him real life hero. He will be remembered for ever.

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