Hockey India Invites Dennis van de Pol to Conduct Special Goalkeepers Camp for Men

New Delhi : Hockey India today named nine players for the seven-day Special Goalkeeping Camp starting on 1 July 2019 at the Sports Authority of India, Bengaluru. The Camp will be conducted by Dennis van de Pol and overseen by Indian Men’s Hockey Team Chief Coach Graham Reid.

PR Sreejesh, Krishan B Pathak, Suraj Karkera, Jugraj Singh, Paras Malhotra, Jagdeep Dayal, Pawan, Prashant Kumar Chauhan and Sahil Kumar Nayak have been called-up for this Special Goalkeeper’s Camp which will be a regular feature in the National Coaching program going forward. “This is the first goalkeeping camp in 2019 and it will provide an opportunity for not only our keepers in the 33 core probables but also the upcoming young keepers as well. This will provide an opportunity to get world class coaching and help provide them with the training tools to keep their development moving in a positive direction. The goalkeepers camp will be an important feature in the National program going forward,” stated Graham Reid, Chief Coach of the Indian Men’s Hockey Team.
Reid further added that this goalkeeper’s camp will give him an opportunity to take a closer look at the available options for goalkeeping. “This will certainly give me an opportunity to get a closer look at the pool of young goalkeepers we have coming through to the senior ranks in the near future,” Reid added.

Dennis van de Pol who is with Drijver Goalie Academy in the Netherlands as well as the KNHB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Hockey Bond), trains the National Youth and also regularly trains foreign teams on invitation. He was formerly associated with the Canadian National Women’s Team and also had a goalkeeping stint in China.

Players for the Special Goalkeeping Camp:

1. P R Sreejesh
2. Suraj Karkera
3. Krishna B Pathak
4. Jugraj Singh
5. Paras Malhotra
6. Jagdeep Dayal
7. Pawan
8. Prashant Kumar Chauhan
9. Sahil Kumar Nayak

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