Life Expectancy of Indian Scheduled Tribe Population Lesser Than General Population

New Delhi: The life expectancy of Scheduled Tribe (ST) population in India is lesser than general population.

The lifespan at birth for ST population is 63.9 years, as against 67 years for general population, according to a report.

The reasons for shorter lifespan include gaps in various health and nutritional indicators, education level, poverty level, between ST and non-STs, traditional life styles, remoteness of habitations & dispersed population.

According to the report of the expert committee of Tribal Health,  the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai analyzed data from the national Census 2011 to estimate, by indirect methods, the life expectancy for the Scheduled Tribes (STs) and non-ST population in India.
These estimates, as published in the Lancet, 2016, show that life expectancy at birth for ST population in India is 63.9 years, as against 67 years for general population.

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