Lord Jagannath’s Annual Snana Yatra Begins In a Low Key Manner; Pahandi Completed At 5 AM

Puri: One of the most revered rituals of Sri Jagannath Temple, the Debasnana Purnima has begun in a tapered manner today.

The three deities of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhdra along with lord Sudarshan have been taken to the Snanabedi (bathing altar) inside the Srimandir premises from the sanctum sanctorum through Pahandi procession by 5 am today.

According to Srimandir tradition, a total of 108 pitchers of aromatic water would be required for the bathing ritual of the deities. While servitors would pour 35 pitchers of aromatic water on Lord Jagannath, 33 pitchers will be poured on Lord Balabhadra, 22 pitchers on Devi Subhadra and 18 pitchers on Lord Sudarshan during the bathing ritual.


The deities would be adorned with Hatibesha (elephant attire) soon after the performance of Chherapanhanra ritual by Gajapati king Dibyasingha Dev. Then the deities would be taken to the Anasara Gruha (asylum for the sick) through Pahandi procession by 8 pm.

This year, the much glorified rituals are being organised manner are a low key affair due to the Corinavirus Pandemic and the imposition of lockdown. For the the first time the rituals are being held without devotees. No devotees are allowed to the temple or the nearby areas.
All arrangements have been made by the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration for the annual affair.

Security has been beefed up and 144 section has been imposed in parts of the city in order to avoid any congregation of people. A large number of police personnel have been deployed to prevent people to come to the temple or Badadanda.

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