Naveen Supports ‘One Nation, One Election’; Calls For Inclusion of Ahimsa in Preamble

New Delhi: Biju Janata Dal president and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik supported the idea of ‘One nation, One election’ at the all-party chiefs’ meet here today.

Naveen said that his party has been always supportive of whatever is being done in the interest of country and its people.

“I supported the resolution for One Nation One Election. The Parliament and Assembly elections should be held simultaneously,” the BJD supremo said after attending the meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi this afternoon.

“Frequent elections affect the pace of development and also rock the spirit of cooperative federalism. BJD will fully support the idea of ‘One nation, One election’. There has to be a give and take attitude in the larger interest of the country,” the five-time CM said.

There has to be a give and take attitude in the larger interest of country and matters relating to national importance, the BJD chief said.

He also reiterated that natural disasters may be considered as a criteria for Special Focus on States.

On the celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Patnaik said the Indian ideal of ‘non- violence’ or ‘Ahimsa’, be included in the preamble of India’s Constitution.

By incorporating the ideal we can remind the future generations of India and the world of the profound truth of this principle, the CM added.

No country has ever progressed without empowering half of its population. BJD will extend complete support to Women’s reservation both in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, he further stated.

Talking about Aspirational Districts, the CM said Centre should focus on macro issues like Tele density, Banking network and Railway reach.
He said micro issues may be left to the State to focus with support from Centre.

It is high time that there is a relook at the land acquisition laws of 2013 Act especially from the point of view of railway and road infrastructure development, the CM added.

There is a need to relook into the Forest Conservation Act as far as environment protection is concerned, he further said.

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