Samsung working on ‘Lifelike Pixels’ for OLED screens

Seoul: Samsung is reportedly working on a new technology, Lifelike Pixels, for its OLED screens.

In South Korea, the tech giant has applied for trademark registration for a term called ‘Lifelike Pixels’, reports SamMobile.

While it is not clear how the technology will work, it is expected to be used in the company’s future OLED screens for smartphones and tablets.

However, the company might eventually bring the new technology to other devices, including augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) displays, laptops and smartwatches.

This trademark registration was filed on the same day the tech giant filed for the trademark of the Flex Hybrid term.

Flex Hybrid is the company’s new display type that folds and slides simultaneously.

Lifelike Pixel is likely related to improved colour reproduction through an OLED display, the report said.

Last month, it was reported that the company was prioritising the development of special OLED panels that will be used in certain iPad models in 2024.

Earlier, the tech giant wanted to make full-cut OLED panels but after looking at the potential demand for OLED panels for iPads, Samsung has started the development of two-stack tandem OLED panels.



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