Artists are Worshippers of Creativity: Naveen

CM Inaugurates 13th JDCA International Film Festival

Bhubaneswar: Artists are worshippers of creativity. The village lad who sells clay dolls at village haat is just not selling a sundry object for money. He is selling a piece of Art. He or his family members have infused all their creativity into making that wonderful piece of product. He is the creator and the lover of art, said Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik here on Friday.

Inaugurating 13th JDCA International Film Festival here, the CM said, “Artistic creations have been reflected in our hand works, paintings, sculpture, domestic materials, filigree, brass wares, terracotta, quilt making or clay dolls. There is amazing touch of imagination and innovation in such art works”.

“Odisha has a rich legacy of Art manifested in various forms through the ages. The art heritage of Buddhist Era continues to manifest in many places of our state. Since then, many historical, political, cultural and spiritual movements have influenced, defined and created a distinct tradition of painting, architecture, sculpture, music and dance. The temple art and culture has taken the centre stage of global art heritage. We have a live tradition of Art, and we are truly a land of Art and Artists”, the CM stated.

The JDCA International Film Festival is a great tribute to the splendid heritage of art and artists of the State, Naveen said.

The Jatin Das Centre of Arts has put in significant endeavours to preserve, document, evaluate, renew, and improve various art forms in order to save them for our future generation as source of inspiration, he added.

Naveen further said, “At its 13th year of continuous efforts, it has become a kind of movement. I am really grateful to the centre for its effort. I am informed that the films this year have been carefully curated by eminent curators”.

“The efforts made on interpretation of Puri and Lingaraj Temples make it very special. I appreciate JDCA for such a meaningful event and wish all success of the Festival”, the CM said.

Minister Tourism & Culture Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi, JDCA Chief Jatin Das, Dr. Debi Prasan Patnaik, Lalit Mansingh, Chief Advisor CMO R. Balkrishnan, Sidhartha Das and Arena Basudev were present at the inaugural ceremony.

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