Harnessing 5T Initiatives Through Information Technology: Odisha’s i3MS Evolves Into Next Generation E-Governance Tool, To Garner Rs 330 Crore In Next Phase Extension

Bhubaneswar: Taking another important step towards harnessing the benefits of 5T Initiatives and to strengthen the mineral administration, the Government of Odisha has extended the i3MS scheme in the state for another five years till 2027. i3MS – an acronym for Integrated Mines and Minerals Monitoring System, is India’s most successful and modern mining and minerals management and administration system implemented by any government body.

The Government of Odisha took the decision to extend the implementation of i3MS to enhance transparency in mineral administration and ensure effective monitoring of mining operations in the state. This advanced end-to-end online monitoring system will mop up Rs 330 Crore user fees in the next phase of extension. Odisha Cabinet headed by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has approved Rs 326.79 Crores for the extension of i3MS toll 2027. The government has also big plans in the minerals administration sector in the coming days. It proposes three automatic Weigh Bridge Systems and an Integrated Command Control Center with state of the art technology and infrastructure. This end-to-end online monitoring system will generate Rs 330 crore user fees in the next five years.

Odisha’s i3MS has garnered nationwide acclaim as one of the best practices in IT intervention in governance. This will add to the state’s ambitious 5T Initiatives being implemented as the main guiding principles of governance. First implemented in 2010, the i3MS has evolved into an important tool for the government of Odisha in streamlining the mines and minerals administration. It is also one of the earliest and most effective interventions using Information Technology. This online monitoring system has strengthened the government’s regulatory oversight and enabled monitoring of the mining and minerals value chain. i3MS is a GPS and Internet-of-Things backed IT software framework to track the mining process including checking the production, dispatch and movement of minerals in real time across the state.

While the i3MS integrated software system has strengthened the government’s regulatory framework, it has also helped in stopping illegal mining and transport of mines and minerals leading to higher collection of revenues from the sector. The Government had introduced it in 2010, and since then it has been a self sustaining model as it collects user fee of Rs 1 per ton of mineral transported. I3MS has generated a user fee of Rs 255 crore in the last five years and intends to collect Rs 330 crore in its next extension.

Buoyed with the success of the i3MS, the Government of Odisha has set an ambitious target to implement the i4MS in the near future. The i4MS or the Integrated Minor Minerals Mines Management Under the aegis of the 5T Initiatives, the advanced system will transform the management and governance of the miner minerals in the state. This will bring in transparency and technology into the minor minerals sector and help administration of minor minerals to online platform, tracking extraction and transportation, e-auction of sairat sources, formulation of Sand Policy and many more facilities.

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