Karnataka Update: Yediyurappa Wins Floor Test, Speaker Ramesh Kumar Resigns

Bengaluru: In a major relief, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa won the floor test in the Karnataka assembly today, thus retaining his position.

Reacting to Yediyurappa’s floor test win, former Chief Miniser Kumaraswamy said, “Power is not permanent, even for Narendra Modi and JP Nadda. We will not try to bring down your number from 105 to either 100 or lower. You speak of drought, at least now let’s see how you will work. We will cooperate with you for the sake of people,” former Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy.

Reacting to the result of the trust vote, Congress leader Siddaramaiah says, “BJP will not be able to complete full term as they are dependent on those who have lost all morals. This govt is nothing but unconstitutional and immoral. When B S Yediyurappa took the oath, half way mark was 111 but how on Earth did they show numbers to the governor.”

Following the Speaker’s resignation, Siddaramaiah extended his wishes, saying, “K R Ramesh Kumar served excellently as a speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly without any prejudice. His honest decisions has set an example in the country showing how a speaker should conduct himself. I sincerely thank and wish him for all his contributions as speaker.”

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