Naveen Greets People on Raja Festival

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has greeted the people of the State on the occasion of the three-day Raja festival that began today with much pump and grandeur to welcome the monsoon.

Naveen took to Twitter and wished everyone ‘Happy Raja and prayed for prosperity for all”.

“I wish this unique Odia festival brings happiness and joy in everyone’s lives,” the CM wrote.

Raja is an agrarian festival being celebrated by the people of the State particularly girls every year to welcome the monsoon before the start of the agriculture activities.
The festival is observed for three days across the state. The first day is called ‘Pahili Raja’ and the second and third day of the festival known as ‘Raja Sankranti’ and ‘Bhuindahana’ respectively.

Young girls and women across the state, both in rural as well as urban areas, celebrate the festival with great fervor. The women folk prepare delicious “pitha” and sweets on the occasion .

The girls and women take a break from their routine life of household activities and enjoy the three days wearing new dress and visiting friends and relatives.

No agricultural activities are carried out on these three days as per the belief that the Mother Earth goes through menstrual cycle.

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