Odisha: 966 Schools Having Less Than 10 Students to Be Shut Down , Govt to Provide Financial Incentives to Students for Attendance

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to increase the attendance of the students  in the schools, The Odisha Government has come up with a innovative idea to provide financial incentives based on student’s attendance.

The students having more than 75 per cent attendance, a financial incentive of Rs 600 per month will be given to their parents. The amount will be credited to their bank accounts, sources said.

Similarly, Rs 400 per month for 50-75 per cent attendance and Rs 300 per month for 30-50 per cent attendance will be given.

Meanwhile, the Odisha Government has decided to shut down as many as 966 schools for having less than 10 students.

The students of these schools will be relocated to other schools within one kilometer radius and the government will provide transport cost for the children going to the school with distance more than one kilo meter.

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