Guided By Honesty, MO BUS Crew Return Valuables of Teacher

Bhubaneswar: Once again the Mo Bus crew members have proved that they are always with people and helping passengers sincerely in case of needs. Sujata Nayak, a Teacher of BJEM School in Bhubaneswar was travelling in MO BUS on yesterday when she left her purse having gold ornaments, cash and bank debit card in the Bus and alighted at her destination. At the end of the trip, Bus Guide and Bus Captain found that purse left in the Bus. Both of them returned that purse to their higher authorities at the Bus Depot.

The same purse was later handed over to the CRUT Office for onward return to that passenger. The same lady passenger was called to CRUT Office to receive that purse.

The Managing Director of CRUT personally handed over the purse to that lady passenger and appreciated those Crew (Captain-Bulu Pradhan & Guide- Jibanjyoti Rout) for their honesty and sincerityto their duty.

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