Hirakud Dam Authorities Open 24-Hour Control Room from Today

Sambalpur: As the southeast monsoon is likely to hit Odisha in the third week of this month, the Hirakud Dam authorities today opened the 24-hour control room for the release of the excess water from the reservoir.

The 24-hour control room will monitor the flow of excess water check from Hirakud Dam to the villages situated nearby Mahanadi river bank, the authorities said.

 All riverside villages have been informed in advance to take necessary steps and alert the people not to move along the river bed, the authorities said

Due to construction of barrages in the upper basin of Mahanadi river in Chhattisgarh, the amount of water that will suddenly gush in after dam gates are opened cannot be exactly ascertained. Hence people have been asked to take care of life and property along the Mahanadi river bed, sources said. 

Like earlier, the gates will be opened soon to release the excess water from the dam, the dam authorities said.

The date and time for the release of water from the dam will be announced soon, they said.

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