Jail Inmate Turns Artist To Add Colors To Walls; Earns Applauds

Berhampur: These are not paintings made on the walls of any park, public building or temple. These are artistic creations of an under trial prisoner of Chatrapur Sub Jail. R Chittaranjan, fondly called Chitti is today happy that he is expressing his creativity through paintings inside the jail premises. Started as a hobby, this has also become a source of income for him and above all, has made him a changed man today.

These colorful portraits of freedom fighters, gods, goddesses, nature and social messages are the creations of R Chittaranjan. These are made on the various walls inside the premises of Chatrapur Sub jail. Chitti is in the jail since January 2017 and the journey of paintings on walls started one day when he was scribbling some art on a piece of paper which caught the attention of the Jail authorities. Seeing his talent and interest, the jail authorities encouraged him to draw paintings on the walls and make them colorful. They also provided all the necessary materials to him. Slowly the arena transformed into a beautiful place.

The wall paintings also attracted the attention of the District Collector who wanted that Chitti’s talent should be exploited. He instructed him to paint earthen pots used to store Jaggery sold by a Woman Self Help Group. With this, Chitti also earns an amount which can help him financially.

Something that started as a time pass and hobby has turned Chitti into a much transformed man today. He has become an ideal for the other inmates in Jail. It has brought positivity in the jail premises.

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