Lekhasri’s Barbs Against BJD Nothing but Damp Squib

Bhubaneswar: In a startling revelation, the Biju Janata Dal has said that BJP’s Lekhasri Samantsinghar was in touch with the party to shift allegiance and contest elections from BJD ticket. This revelation was made by Party spokesperson Sasmit Patra in a press meet. This has created a debate in political circles on the integrity of the so called fire brand BJP leader and her barbs against the ruling Biju Janata Dal.

Although the 2014 incident is already known to all, the 2019 incident has come as a surprise to all. While Lekhasri was devoid of ticket by her own Party, she had approached BJD leaders to shift her allegiance. She had even contacted BJD leader Pranab Prakash Das in this regard. But Pranab did not heed to her requests. This has raised questions on her integrity and principles that she has been advocating till date as a member of the BJP.

While during the 2019 election, two leaders of the BJP, Tusharkanti Behera and Bhagirathi Sethi had returned their BJP tickets to contest from BJP, Lekhasri who was disappointed for not being given a ticket from BJP, met Pranab Prakash Das in this regard. She had even told the leader that she has been sidelined in her own party and that’s why she wanted to join BJD. “Leaders who had left their professional careers to join the BJD have been better accommodated by the BJD but she was sidelined by her party despite her leaving a good teaching career”, she said to Pranab.

After being denied entry to the BJD, Lekhasri started touting the party at various forums. She has no moral right to criticize a democratically elected government and bring in unnecessary allegations against the government. She has lost the political decency and does not know how to speak parliamentary language.

It is believed that Lekhasri wanted to have a ticket from the BJP either from Nilagiri assembly segment of the Balasore Lok Sabha segmant. But her party did not entertain her requests as she had no ground support and the party was aware of the reality. Now the same Lekhashri has become more aggressive against the BJD due to the only fact that she was denied entry to the ruling party.

Again and again she has been making derogatory allegations against the government and has been constantly targeting the government on non issues. She had also made falls allegations on the death of PEO Smitarani. Due to her falls and fabricated criticism only the BJD wanted to disclose the reality. She is criticizing the government and the BJD only because she was not taken into the party and given a ticket from BJD, said Sasmit.

This discloser by the Biju Janata Dal has showed the true face of Lekhasri and her ideology. She has no political ideology but personal vendetta is the reason for her attacks on the government.

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