Puri Admin Imposes Restrictions Before Ratha Yatra

Puri: With only two days left for the world famous Ratha Yatra, the Puri district administration has started imposing various restrictions in the temple town. As the Ratha Yatra is going to be held without the participation of devotees, the district administration has started moving outsiders from the hotels and dharmashalas from today. All tourists and outsiders residing in the hotels and dharmashalas on the two sides of the Badadanda are being persuaded to leave the city immediately. Residential buildings are also being checked so that only family members are staying and no outsider is present there.

The administration has also imposed restrictions on watching the Ratha Yatra from the rooftops and balconies. To avoid any assembly of crowd during the Yatra, the district administration has imposed Section 144 from 8 pm tomorrow till 8 pm on 13th July. All the eight roads leading to the city and the three roads connecting the Badadanda will be sealed to curb the movement of people.

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