RTI Amendment Bill Set To Pass in RS as Government Secures Numbers

New Delhi: In a major breakthrough for the Union Government, the Right To Information (RTI) bill proposing significant changes to the transparency law is set to pass the Rajya Sabha test despite the opposition’s objections.

According to reports, non-aligned parties like the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) have agreed to support the RTI bill.

The government is also likely to get support from some members of the PDP, a former ally with which it had a bitter falling out.

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi had strongly objected to the changes the government has proposed to the RTI law. The amendment bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha, where the government enjoys a majority.

Opposition parties, which have termed the amendment the “RTI Elimination Bill”, argue that authorising the government to take a call on the employment and pay of RTI authorities will take away their independence.

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