Corona Warrior: Digapahandi Tahasildar On Duty Despite Operated For Cancer

Berhampur: The whole world is under the siege of Coronavirus and fighting it has become a challenge for all. While the governments are working tirelessly to stop its spread, some individuals are also contributing to the cause at their best.

Aditya Swain, Tahasildar, Digapahandi, is one such person who needs to be appreciated for his dedication to his duty at this hour of requirement. Despite being operated for rectum cancer few months back, he is back in the ground to serve the people. As a Tahasildar, he has a greater responsibility at this time of crisis and for which he is giving his best. Aditya can be seen visiting places as part of his duty and coordinate works related to Covid-19. Putting duty before his own health, he has been working like frontline warrior. In these busy schedule, he also has to take time for the chemotherapy sessions.

As a responsible officer associated with ground zero, Aditya is aware of his responsibilities and importance of being on duty at these difficult and emergency times. Salutes to the dedicated Corona Warriors

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