Quarantine Centers In Ganjam Turn Into Happiness Complexes With Yoga, Exercises and Patriotism

Berhampur: While there is a lot of noise and discussion going on regarding indiscipline by the people returning from Surat and other places to Odisha, there are many inspiring happenings that prove them wrong.

The quarantine centers have been successful in bringing together all at the time of crisis and now have turned into happiness complexes. Though the duration for quarantine is only 14 days, the people staying in those are going to remember the time spent for many years to come.

In the last two days, there were many instances which will surely inspire others at this critical time. In Talagaon TMC Center in Ganjam district, the people staying in quarantine can been seen doing exercise in the early morning. As part of the efforts to better utilize the time in the centers, the Panchayats and the administration is engaging the people in activities that will strengthen them physically and mentally.

In another instance, members of the quarantine center in Kalamba village of Polasara Block can be seen singing the national anthem in group bringing patriotism among all. Also, in other facilities, it can be seen that the members are doing yoga and the local people are helping them for this.

All these leisure and extracurricular activities are being coordinated at the centers as per instructions from the district administration through the COVID cell. All this is done with full precautions and abiding the social distancing guidelines.

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